10 Best Hair and Makeup Ideas for Prom 2016

Prom hair, prom makeup, prom 2016

10 Hair and Makeup Ideas for Prom 2016

It’s that time of year again!  Everyone is excited about PROM!  Of course it’s the best night of your life right?!

I won’t say what year I went to prom, but let’s just say Heath Ledger in Ten Things I Hate About You, singing I Love You Baby to Julia Stiles with a stolen microphone in an empty football stadium with the entire marching band accompanying him, was the ONLY true way to get asked to prom. And a high tight pony tail with ringlets was THE way to wear your hair.  (oh the 90’s, sigh)

Okay, I’ll snap out of it.  Let’s fast forward.  Today it’s all about loose, fresh modern looks.  Need some inspiration for your prom look?  Here are 10 ideas for 2016’s Best Prom Looks.

Prom Look 1: Fresh Faced

This look is all about gorgeous skin and the lashes!  Add a pretty soft pink lip and you are ready to go.  Airbrush Makeup helps cover any blemishes while maintaining a natural finish. Strip lashes or eyelash extensions can extend what you have naturally for a really doe-eyed look.  Pair this makeup look with soft, loose  waves to create a relaxed, pretty prom look.

prom 2016, prom looks, light makeup for prom

All about those lashes!

prom looks, prom 2016, prom hair ideas, loose waves

Soft waves

Prom Look 2: Instagram Glam

Think Kylie Jenner, instagram queen.  Full coverage, contouring, big fake lashes, perfect eyeliner and matte-head-turning lips.  WARNING: This look is not for the faint of heart and will feel like you have makeup on, but your pictures from prom will be FLAWLESS! Pair this look with Dinair’s new semi-permanent airbrush hair color, for an ultra trendy glam vibe. Check out the color options here.

prom looks, 2016 prom, matte lips, instagram glam, ombre locks

Super contoured- super glam

Dinair Airbrush Hair Color, hair ideas, prom hair, unique prom looks

Such a FUN option!

Prom Look 3: Sparkle and Shine

So my 5 year old has been watching this new Cinderella non-stop since it came out on DVD last month, and I cannot stop thinking about how I cannot wait to put rhinestones in someone’s hair!  This movie has my prom creative juices flowing!  Rhinestones, crystals and glitter are going to be huge this year.  Are any of these looks for you?

MAC cinderella line, prom inspo, prom makeup ideas, glitter prom ideas

That dress tho…

prom ideas, pretty prom makeup, pretty prom hair

rhinestone makeup ideas, sparkle prom, prom 2016

Maybe a lot…

rhinestone makeup, prom inspo, prom makeup looks, prom 2016

…maybe just a little

Prom Idea 4: Color!

You are young!  You are gorgeous!  You can wear whatever color you want and look amazing! Own it!  There are only so many opportunities in this world to rock some blue eyeshadow.  Prom is one of those times.  Check out these colorful ideas.

brown eye eyeshadow ideas, prom looks, prom 2016

Brown eyes look great in BLUES.

prom inspo, green eye eyeshadow ideas, prom 2016, prom looks

Colors can be soft too.

Prom idea 5: Braids

2015 was year of the braid and it looks like that trend is hanging strong in 2016. From whimsical dutch braids to long Rapunzel styles, braids are a great option for prom.  Remember when choosing a braided hairstyle to take into considerations your hair length and texture, ask your hairstylist if hair extensions would be a good option for you.

Dutch Braid updo, prom ideas, prom 2016, prom hairstyles

Dutch Braid Crown

Fishtail long braid, braid updo, prom hairstyles, prom ideas 2016

Relaxed and pretty

Prom Look 6: Modern French Country Chic

Micaela, what the heck is french country chic?! Okay, okay I made it up.  But it’s a thing, i’m just coining the phrase. It’s totally fetch, okkkay?  This look makes me think of walking through a field at sunset in a vintage dress while Macklemore plays through my bluetooth headphones.  It’s soft and romantic, but with an edge of modern. Lots of marsala, gold, creams and flower crowns. I’m seeing this look more and more and I’m making a name for it! Pass it on.

French country chic, prom inspo, prom hair and makeup ides, prom 2016

Modern French Country Chic, am I right?

prom looks, prom 2016, prom makeup ideas

flower crowns for prom, prom inspo, prom hairstyles

Cant find a crown you like? Spray paint it gold to make it a little more modern!

Prom Look 7: Gatsby

This iconic look from the 1920’s never goes out of style and looks great on everyone.  If your dress has a vintage vibe, this is definitely the way to go.

vintage prom looks, gatsby hairstyles, prom inspo, prom hair styles and makeup

The headband makes this!

vintage prom looks, gatsby hair. prom 2016. prom inspo

Prom Look 8: Courtney Love Grunge

Do you guys know Courtney Love? Well she is a very talented, but crazy pop icon from the 90’s and good or bad her signature look is all the rage right now.  The good thing about this look is the more you dance the night away, the more authentic the look becomes.  Just ask your mom.

grunge makeup looks90's grunge makeup

Prom Look 9: Romantic

“I don’t want my hair tight around my face.”  I hear this from almost every client!  I have no idea who is still doing tight updo’s, I guess Julia Stiles’ hairstylist is still in business, but NO ONE wants anything tight any more.  So we just don’t do it. Someday maybe that style will circle back around, as trends tend to do, but for now everything is loose, low and romantic.

low updo, prom hairstyles, prom inspo, prom hair ideaslow updo

Prom Look 10: All things Tori

I’m making a guess on this one, but if everything you read on twitter is true, Tori Kelly is the hottest thing to hit the internet since the dancing baby (yeah, I’m still in the 90’s I’ll be here all week) Big Hair, Don’t Care and All Natural is the look and I think everyone can pull this one off!

tori kelly hair, prom inspo, prom 2016, curly hair promprom looks, prom inspo

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